I noticed everyone seemed to be shopping at the dollar section at Target, so today I went to see if I could find some of those items.  I ended up buying two tin pails to put pencils in.  I needed on for sharpened and one for pencils that need sharpened.  I also bought a pack of star student certificates, two different packs of award bookmarks, two packs of star student stickers, two packs of birthday stickers, and four packs of Dr. Seuss erasers.  I plan to give the erasers to the students on the first day of school, and I plan on giving my son's kindergarten teacher some of the stickers to use in her class.  I am not sure exactly who his teacher will be yet.  I just moved and I need to enroll him in school.  I decided not to take him to school with me because I want him to know kids in his neighborhood.  Here is a picture of what I bought.

Target Purchase


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