I am sitting here thinking of how I am going to organize materials for my guided reading groups.  In the past, I put all the materials and directions into a large envelop.  On the outside of the envelop, I always wrote the reading unit and story at the top.  Next, I would list the days of the week underlined.  Below each day, I would write activities that I planned on using.  I also wrote the names of all the leveled readers that I would need for the week.  Fridays were review days.  Anything that I did not get to do for the week I could do on Friday.  I also used this day to reread stories previously read.  Inside the folder, I included all the word cards, directions, games, etc.  Since I did this for every week, I made multiple copies of repeated material so everything could stay in the envelop and I would have my materials in one spot.  At the beginning of the week, I just pulled out the folder and returned the materials when I was finished.

I did not keep leveled readers in the envelops.  I usually pulled these out and kept them inside a basket.  I used the books for repeated readings for a few weeks before returning them to their spot.  Inside my basket, I also kept highlighter tape, various pointers, phonics phones, retelling cards, and any other larger nonreproducible item.

I am thinking about modifying things a little this year since I have been reading Debbie Diller's book Making the Most of Small Groups: Differentiation for All.  Her book has made me think more about what I am going to focus on during guided reading.

I will post a picture of one of my folders along with the contents so look for this to come soon.


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