I have three items that I really want from Lakeshore.  I even created a wish list and sent an email about it to my dear, sweet hubby.  In the hopes that he won't make me feel guilty about wanting to spend $120.  I guess if he does make me feel guilty, I can always solicit the family for donations.  I know they just all love and want to donate to my classroom.  It seems that I want more for my classroom than I want for myself.  Does anyone else feel this way?  I mean I don't have desires for materialistic things for myself.  I want things to make my life a little easier at work or to help my students. 

I am very thankful that my husband has dealt with a messy garage full of my teaching files.  I switched grades last year.  I went from kindergarten to fourth grade.  It is a major jump in grade levels, but I did it for several reasons.  The change helped me gain new perspectives on my teaching for one.  I will start in the fall as a second grade teacher.  I am super excited about this change as I have realized I am a primary teacher.  The fourth grades found it humorous when I would call recess, playtime.  And if I really wanted to get their attention, I would sing a kindergarten song.  I had half my class in kindergarten so it did make my transition easier.  Oh yeah, there is nothing like see a line of fourth graders walking down the hallway "hips and lips" because the teacher thought they needed to work on being quieter in the hall. :)

OK, so I am moving to a new school and I will be teaching second grade.  I am lucky because the students at my old school are going as well.  Our school closed.  I did get to pick out all the furniture I wanted before I left and I gained 4 boxes of library books.  Now I need to purchase baskets to organize my classroom library.  I think a lot of my basket were destroyed in the move.  I have been seeing how other teachers are organizing their room and I am so impressed.  I hope I can get it together and organized soon after I move into my house first.


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