My husband and I decided to become puppy parents.  We took my son to the animal shelter today to pick out a family dog.  When we got there they had a lot of puppies.  Well, we have been looking on and we found some really cute puppies.  We drove an hour to my grandparents' hometown to see these puppies.  We saw two puppies in the same cage.  We talked about it for a few minutes and we decided to adopt both of them.  We decided that every dog needs a friend to keep them company while the rest of the family is at work and school.  I wouldn't want them to be lonely.  We pick them up tomorrow.  We are really excited, so we had to go to Petsmart.  We bought the puppies matching bowls, and puppy beds.  We bought food and treats for them too.  The fun part was picking out their new toys.  I will have to post a picture after we get them home.


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