Since I am moving to a new house and I moved to a new school (everything is still in boxes there), I have been thinking about organization.  This year when I unpack my classroom, I want to get everything organized.  Let me say that I have a lot of stuff.  I am not even sure what I have.  I packed up my things at the end of the school year, but I also packed up things for another teacher since I am changing grades.  In addition, someone else packed up their second grade materials for me to be moved to the new school.

So I received a phone call a few weeks ago, it seems that I had too many things going into my classroom.  I took my husband along to sort things out.  Needless to say, I had things moved to my room that did not belong to me.  I also had things in my room that were supposed to be removed.  My wonderful husband helped me move all the things that weren't mine into the hallway.  Then he helped me move the furniture into the areas I wanted them.  I didn't unpack anything.  I just shifted the stuff around to make room for my desk and table that still needed to be moved to the new school.

Anyway, I started checking out some other teacher's sites on how they organize their classrooms.  I am so grateful that their are teachers out there that are willing to share this information along with photos.  I plan on taking pictures as I begin to sort out the boxes at school.  I will definately post them on here to show you.  Here are the sites of some wonderfully, organized teachers: (I tried to use her banner, but it wouldn't work.  This site belongs to Karen A. McDavid.) (This site belongs to Mandy Gregory.  She has great organization ideas.  I like how she organizes her classroom library.) (This site belongs to J. Meacham.  She has a section on organization with lots of photos.  I also love the photos of how her classroom is set up.  So make sure you take the tour.  She has several years of classroom arrangements and organizations.  I really like her white shelves and the color cordinating book baskets.)


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