Such a cute story.  I'm still laughing.  Go check out this story at Sunny Days in Second Grade, because I think everyone can use a laugh ;)

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I just opened up a store on Teachers Notebook.  Now I am going to spend some time this week making new items to put on my store.  Check back soon to see what I add to my store.

I have been really busy this school year organizing my classroom and files.  I hope to share some pictures soon of what I am doing.  It may help other visual learners out there get their classroom more organized. 

I have been on a quest all year to get organized more in my classroom to help save time.  This week I decided to organize my grading materials.  I took a hanging file organizer such as this

and I labeled each section.  One section is labeled "Need Grade."  This is where I stick all the papers that I need to grade at the end of the day.  Since I can only fit in a stack that is an inch or 2 thick, I must get things graded in a timely manner.  Next, I labeled a pocket with "Needs Recorded" for those moments when I do not have time to record the grade right away.  I labeled the another section with "Needs Returned."  This let's me know that I have graded and recorded these papers already so I don't have to double check.  I labeled one pocket with "Rubrics and Forms" so I have them on hand while I am grading if they are needed.  Then I decided to label a pocket with "Grade Sheets."  I keep a supply of grade sheets printed off so I can quickly record a grade and hand the paper out.  Then all I have to do is take the grade sheet to the computer to enter the grade.  This also allows me to quickly see who has missing work and I can get them a new copy if needed.  The last pocket is labeled "Supplies."  This is where I keep my EZGrader, stickers, and markers to check papers with. 

Since I have been using this system, I have not had to search for my EZGrader or a pen to grade with.  Everything is in one place and the file is portable so I can take it home if needed.  I hope I have helped out some of you on your journey to becoming better organized.