This week, I was complemented on a lesson that I did during my reading block.  The students had read the story Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat from our Scott Foresman Reading Street series, and the poem Spaceball.  I put a Venn diagram on the whiteboard and students drew one on a blank sheet of paper.  Together we compared Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat to Spaceballs.  The students really got into this lesson and someone from the board office happened to walk in while we were doing this.  They went and bragged about my lesson to the P. 

If you would like to join this linky party, hop on over to Clutter-Free Classroom. 

Clutter-Free Classroom

I have added a new product to my Teachers Pay Teachers account.  I have been working on a contractions station for my second graders to use during guided reading.  The packet contains a matching game, a game board, word cards, a word sort, a weeksheet on contractions, and bonus items, such as, a bookmark, certificate, and blank word cards.  This packet has a frog theme and contains 13 pages.  Check it out here.

Here is a small peek.

I finally decided to try out Teachers Pay Teachers.  I have uploaded a free lesson on fact families.  You can access it here.  I have also uploaded a packet to teach place value.  This packet is 14 pages.  It contains 3 lessons, 3 stations/centers, 12 task cards, and all the printables that are needed to complete the lesson.  The packet even has base ten blocks that can be printed for classrooms that may not have access to these.  You can check out my place value packet here.

Here is sampling of what my place value packet looks like.

Here is a sample of what my fact families lesson looks like.

Yesterday, I decided to look for some math lessons to use with a small group of students during our guided math time.  I remembered finding a great lesson once on Thinkfinity, so I decided to search there for some lesson ideas.  I came across this lesson that uses macaroni to help students understand fact families.  I really think this lesson will help some of my students.  The lesson is only one lesson in a unit titled, Macaroni Math.  I may use more of the lessons during with some of my students this week.  Go check out the site.  You might find something you like.
This is the link for the lesson I am going to use:
This is the link for the Thinkfinity website:


I love all of the word work ideas on One Extra Degree's blog. She has tons of ideas listed here.
One Extra Degree: Word Work Center etc.: Whew! It's been a crazy-hectic day! I spent a ton of time in the classroom labeling books, laminating, setting up centers, and completing ...

I found sight word ideas on the Growing Kinders blog. I really like how she put sight word chants on Popsicle sticks. I am going to try some of these chants with my word wall this week. Check it out.
Growing Kinders: Sight Words {and} Chants: Every week, I introduce the kids to two new sight words. I have a sign on the outside of my door that looks like this: Sorry – it’s not...

I have decided to teach my students how to clean and organize their desk.  I hate watching a student did through their desk because they can't find something and I really don't like to wait on someone to dig through their desk to get out a book.  So I came up with this solution.  I had the idea in my mind for a while, so I did a Google search and found a desk diagram.  Of course, I redesigned the original poster idea to fit my class needs. 
Diagram of a Clean Desk

I have been thinking about this since summer so I decided to search (again) for ideas on how to run my math stations during guided math.  I came across this site today and I thought I should share it.  Maybe it will help someone else out there who is trying to put together independent games and activities for math.
The site has ideas for k-5 so this site will appeal to more than just second grade.  Another site that I really like is
Check them out.