This week, I was complemented on a lesson that I did during my reading block.  The students had read the story Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat from our Scott Foresman Reading Street series, and the poem Spaceball.  I put a Venn diagram on the whiteboard and students drew one on a blank sheet of paper.  Together we compared Ronald Morgan Goes to Bat to Spaceballs.  The students really got into this lesson and someone from the board office happened to walk in while we were doing this.  They went and bragged about my lesson to the P. 

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  1. Isn't that a great feeling?? Good for you!!

  1. Just stopping by to peek into your planbook. GOOD JOB! Come by and peek into my planbook. I also have a freebie!

    Happy Weekend!
    Rebecca at
    The Teacher's Chatterbox

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